Unleash your
company’s potential.

Accelerate your growth. Increase your revenues and profits.

Build the company of your dreams.

Cooperation with SMBs and excellent understanding of their needs is our strength
  • Have you been running a business for years and still don’t reach the scale you want?
  • Do you want to sell more expensive but it seems impossible?
  • Do you want your company to operate without you?
  • You know that your company could grow faster, but you don’t know what is blocking the development?
  • Are you afraid that you will lose your market position and the competition will leave you behind?
  • Are you wondering how to get more customers?

Take your business to the next level

Increase scale and profits. Build repeatable, scalable sales and marketing. Organize key processes. Start working on the business, not in the business. Unleash your full potential and create the organization of your dreams.

  • Development Develop your skills and organization. Work on the company instead of in the company.
  • Stability Organize processes and delegate. Build a structure that works without you.
  • Inspiration Build the company of tomorrow by making maximum use of the resources available today.
  • Knowledge Gain the knowledge that will give you a competitive advantage.
  • Independence Take control and make things happen.
Build your sales process


SalesMachine is an intensive dedicated mentoring program during which you will build a sales process tailored to your company:

  • You will learn in practice dozens of techniques that will take your communication to the master leve.
  • You’ll be able to discover the real needs and motivations of your interlocutors, deal with objections and close the sale in a repeatable way.

Lack of repeatable, scalable and predictable sales is a major barrier to business growth. SalesMachine is an original mentoring program, during which you will learn everything you need to know to make effective B2B sales. During dedicated sessions you will build a sales process tailored to the specifics of your organization and build a communication framework that will be the foundation of your sales department.

Tailored and realistic

Business consulting

Business consulting is shortening the process of learning an organization through direct contact with a business advisor who provides the necessary knowledge and offers support. Why is it worth using our business consulting services?

  • Direct contact with experienced specialists who will help you break down barriers to growth.
  • Organizing processes and streamlining management, which will allow you to effectively develop your company.
  • Creating business models that will allow you to increase the scale and profitability of your company.
  • Individual approach to the needs of your organization to ensure the best results.

Take control, start working on the company instead of the company. Streamline management. Delegate responsibilities, build structure and processes. Diagnose growth barriers and remove them from the way to your dream company. Learn the tools, techniques and good practices of organizational development. Turn your small business into a profitable and enjoyable business.

We are trusted by business owners

    SalesMachine is a comprehensive program that enables the effective initiation of sales activities and over time makes them replicable. It focuses on practical aspects of what needs to happen and how, in order to genuinely acquire new customers and sell at higher prices.

    I highly recommend SalesMachine to every entrepreneur who is already aware that it’s the lack of effective sales that constitutes the main barrier to the growth of their company.

    Maciej Wężykowski RENDART, Owner

    While building my sales process with TechMine, I’ve learned numerous specific methods, tools, and communication techniques. This enabled a shift from an organic, primarily referral-based sales approach to a more organized and effective one.

    An additional outcome of this guidance was a significant increase in the average order size and margin. I recommend it to anyone who is seriously considering the growth of their own company.

    Arkadiusz Stolecki NUEKO Digital, Owner

    TechMine is an intriguing proposition for entrepreneurs who value an informal atmosphere and intimacy. It provides an opportunity for growth on one’s own terms, with knowledge directly sourced from practitioners.

    I recommend TechMine to every business owner who is thinking about development through experience exchange, not just about acquiring new customers (although those also appear over time).

    Wojciech Przybylski Proper Media, Owner

    For a very long time, I unnecessarily kept my distance from sales. I thought that a “good product will defend itself” – that was the case for me as well, but not in a predictable and repeatable manner.

    The SalesMachine program introduced me to the world of organized and conscious sales, and the knowledge I gained helped me not only acquire new contracts but also communicate consciously with people, both in business and personal interactions.

    Grzegorz Piwowarek 4Comprehension, Owner

    Starting our collaboration with Łukasz, we considered ourselves experienced entrepreneurs. However, our perception quickly shifted.

    We became aware of the enormity of gaps, poor practices, and the amount of work that lay ahead of us. This experience was incredibly overwhelming. Yet, through collaborative effort, we managed to set specific goals, the achievement of which completely transformed our reality.

    Dominik Nowak

    The knowledge that Łukasz shares with me has a very positive impact on the development of my company and, above all, my approach to business. His extensive experience in working with software houses is invaluable, which makes his perspective and suggestions highly valuable to me.

    Tomasz Strojny

    I highly recommend it. Top-level consultancy. Straightforward and specific information. Nothing but to implement and unleash your potential. Łukasz helps organize thoughts and once again feel the joy of running a business.

    Magdalena Wojciechowska Madlen Flowers

    Sustainable business growth

    • Build repeatable and scalable B2B sales
    • Build processes to make the business work without you
    • Create a permanent market advantage and leave the competition behind
    • Increase revenues and profits
    • Communicate in a way that customers won’t be able to resist
    • Create a brand that touches customers emotions
    • Expose your company’s values
    • Attract exactly the customers you want

    The owners of these companies trusted us


    for entrepreneurs

    TechMine was founded as an entrepreneurial community over 10 years ago and has evolved over time into a consulting firm. Continuous growth, stepping out of our comfort zone and gaining knowledge are in our DNA. We understand very well what it’s like to run a business when everything and everyone relies on you. We believe that most business problems you encounter on your way can be solved with more money.

    Money comes from customers, and customers come from sales. Therefore, over the years we have focused on building and implementing sales and communication know-how. We assume that you know your business very well, but you need support in unlocking the full potential of your organization. A great product or service is not enough.

    Working on a consulting basis with owners of small and medium-sized companies, we have developed methods tailored to such a scale of business. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and we understand that a pragmatic approach and concrete results are what you expect. We also know that often even a small change can bring spectacular results. However, in order to achieve it, you need to enter the process and give your company a chance.

    Sales is an entrepreneur’s most important skill.

    A product or service is just an excuse for the flow of money. Customers buy the real values behind the solution. However, these are not features, parameters or functionalities of the product.

    You can have the best product or service. But without the ability to connect with a potential customer, communicate the value of the solution and help them make a buying decision – the best product is not enough. Random sales, based only on referrals, will not build the scale of an organization. Only by developing processes, making sales repeatable and delegating to others, is the foundation for future growth.

    Without good sales, you will drift and grow your business as “the market allows” instead of taking it where you want it to go. In business, something only starts to happen when someone sells something.

    When thinking about selling, however, replace the desire to sell with the desire to actually help the customer. Be the best advisor in their buying process and make the value you provide more important than price or competition. Want to know how to do all this? Let’s talk.

    Łukasz Zjawiński TechMine Founder & Head of Consulting

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